Do you have any tips on troubleshooting a network?
Which would be best for my company – a Wireless or Wired network?
How do I contact Mouse House I.T.?
Simply complete our enquiry form on the contact page or Alternatively, give us a call on 021 403 6591.
What are your working hours?
Mon – Fri:  08h00-17h00 Mon – Fri (After Hours): 17h00 – 18h30 (1,5 x standard rate) and 18h30 – 08h00 (2x standard rate)
Which business productivity tools do you recommend?
Visit our business tools page for more information.

My name is Wouter Pentz and I am a director of Pentz Properties situated in Table View and Shell Flamingo Square (a 24 hour convenience shop and petrol station) also situated in Table View.

Three years ago we were having problems with our computers and a friend referred me to Mouse House I.T. It was at this stage that I met Ronald James and since then it has been an absolute pleasure working together with him. Unlike larger companies where you get passed down to a clerk that you don’t even know, Ronald himself is the person that always answers the phone and always arrives to resolve the problems that you’re having. Ronald’s knowledge of software and hardware is vast and we are extremely fortunate to be able to tap into this knowledge. Mouse House I.T. is only a phone call away and the service we receive is top class.

Over and above this Mouse House I.T. does not have the extensive overheads that larger I.T companies have and therefore Ronald keeps his costs to his clients at a very reasonable rate. I highly recommend anybody looking for a hassle free I.T environment in their offices or at home to contact Ronald from Mouse House I.T. to be your solution.

Wouter Pentz, Pentz Properties