Internet Firewalls, installation and support in Cape Town

Firewall software and network security – need some assistance?

ouse House I.T., Cape Town provides network security and intrusion detection support through its professional firewall software products and firewall installation services.

By installing firewall software on your computer you create a barrier between the Internet and your private computer system, allowing you the power to give and deny access to specific programmes. Think of a network firewall as a guard that secures your network and provides intrusion detection.


You should install internet firewall software when:

    • Your PC is spreading spam and viruses;
    • You need to give/ restrict internet access to specific websites;
    • Unwelcome porn, music or film appears on your computer; or
    • When your screensaver asks permission to install certain programmes and not your e-mail programme or web browser.

Looking for a free firewall for your personal PC?

f you are familiar with network firewalls, network security and intrusion detection, and you are looking for a cost effective firewall solution, why not try “Online Armor free”. This is a complimentary personal firewall that aims to keep your personal PC safe from threats. To download and install this firewall solution, just follow these 5 simple steps:

  • First check if you already have a firewall installed on your PC. If so, please uninstall it first. This will help to prevent system instability, which can result in you needing to reinstall your operating system.
  • Now go to the Online Armor free firewall website, which can be found at:
  • When you click on the Download Now link it will redirect you to a page containing a description and review of Online Armor. To install this firewall, you must have Windows 2000 or higher installed.
  • Download and install Online Armor. Once finished, restart your computer and the firewall should start running in the background.
  • Open the Online Armor menu where you’ll find an icon for the firewall on the system tray. On this menu you can make adjustments to the firewall as you wish, for example to block certain sites.
Please note – Mouse House I.T. does not in any way guarantee the security of your PC’s or network with the above mentioned program. Use “Online Armour free” at own risk.

Professional internet firewall solutions

lternatively, you can contact Mouse House I.T., Cape Town, a firewall and network security specialist, to rent a firewall. Our experience in this industry has made us very aware that no amount of insurance can replace your data! You need a professionally configured firewall to protect you network’s security and give you peace of mind.


A Rentable firewall solution from Mouse House

ouse House can provide you with intrusion detection and network security by installing an internet firewall on your home or office network; maintaining and upgrading the firewall software at no additional cost. If for some reason the firewall breaks down for e.g. a power failure; Mouse House I.T. will replace it free of charge. Should you decide that certain websites need to be prohibited on your network, we will happily configure the firewall to achieve this.

So, if you are pushed for time and looking for a professional I.T. company that can advise and implement the best firewall solution for your network – contact Mouse House I.T. – Cape Town’s trusted supplier of rentable firewall solutions.