Network Installations Cape Town

re you looking for a company that offers professional network installations? Cape Town based Mouse House I.T. offers full turnkey solutions – including design, network cabling and network installations. On the maintenance side we offer network support and security. All our network solutions are custom built to suit your specific needs.

    • If you are starting up a business what are your needs and requirements
    • If you already have a network installed, what are the problems and frustrations you are experiencing
    • Just need a network card? Mouse House IT will provide guidance in choosing the correct one


 If you are equipped and wish to install your PC’s network yourself, Mouse House I.T. would like to give you the following guidelines and tips to keep in mind when installing the network:


Network Installations and Design

hen it come to network installations and design, please make sure that you have the correct cabling, as the cabling is probably the most important decision you’ll make in the design stage. Whilst generally it is possible to utilize good quality Cat. 5 cabling for Gigabit networks, we highly recommend that you stick to the Cat. 5e standard or use highly quality Cat 6 cabling and wire for Gigabit connectivity, even if your existing network switches and routers only support 100 Mbps. This will ensure that the cabling infrastructure is already in place when you have the need to upgrade to Gigabit routers and switches.


Network Configuration

 computer network needs to be configured in order to communicate with other computers. These computers could be on your local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN), such as the internet. The connections are usually established through a range of devices, including ethernet cards, switches, routers and modems. Configuring these devices can be relatively simple but if you want assistance, give us a call on 021 403 6591. We work with these components every day of our lives.


Network Maintenance and Support

reventative network maintenance is about pro-actively maintaining your network to prevent system problems and avoid costly down-time.

The most important reasons to develop a preventative network configuration solution are:

    • To save money by avoiding unscheduled network problems in the long run;
    • To save you time because you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of system failures and lost data;
    • To pro-actively safeguard the hardware that stores your data; and
    • By extending the life span of certain parts of your computer system with the implementation of preventative network maintenance.


Network Security

n-going maintenance of your network security solution helps to secure a healthy virus free network and allows you to identify and remove threats before any damage occurs. Perhaps most importantly, it helps to keep your data secure. If you already know that you need a network firewall, visit our page – let us know if there is anything further we can help you with. Contact Mouse House I.T to analyse the security of your current network and provide you with on-going network security support.


Need professional assistance?

ouse House I.T. already offers network assistance to a wide range of clients in Cape Town. Our network support services range from extensive computer infrastructure evaluations to simple two PC networks. Give us a call if you are looking for professional networking advice – we look forward to hearing from you.