Remote Backup Services in Cape Town

remote backup service for all your business and personal computer and server needs is available here at Mouse House IT support in Cape Town. Our online backup systems are built around what works best for your systems and run on a schedule that will not interrupt your workload.

What does a remote backup system do?

ur remote backup system collects, compresses, encrypts and transfers all of your storable data to our remote backup system or off-site hardware. Our remote backup services ensure that your business or personal data is never lost, even if data is damaged or lost from the source server or PC.

Remote Backup Services in Cape Town Pricing

Compressed Backup Size Price Per GB
1 GB to 10 GB  R 27-00*
10.1 GB to 50 GB  R 25-00
50.1 GB to 150 GB  R 17-50
 150.1 + GB  R 15-00

*Minimum of 10GB in total!

The advantages of using a remote backup services

ne of the biggest advantages to using a remote backup system is that the data is not stored in the same location as the original data. This means that if the original data is damaged or lost, then the backup data is not affected. But there are also a number of other advantages to using a remote backup system that make it a popular form of securing data.

These are just some of them:

    • Remote backup is an automated process and does not require any user intervention.
    • When using a remote backup system there is usually unlimited data retention
    • Remote backups are done automatically and on a set schedule
    • The correct files are ALWAYS backed up. This is because a list of files to be backed up is always included in the backup schedule.
    • If necessary a remote backup services can work continuously, backing up files as they are changed by users
    • A remote backup service will normally maintain a list of versions of files. This gives you a complete history of important data and files
    • Remote backup services are also extremely safe to use as the employ a 128 – 448 bit encryption package to send or receive data over any unsecured link such as the internet
    • A remote backup service is also fast and efficient, as it can be set up to reduce data crowding by only transmitting changed binary data bits

Why use Mouse House?

ouse House has one of the most trusted remote backup systems in the Cape Town IT industry thanks to its years of expertise in the South African IT field. To request a quote for your business or personal remote backup needs please go to the “Get a Quote” section of this page that can be found on the right hand side of your screen.