Need a Krone Network installer?

f you are looking for a Krone Network Installer or need assistance with the planning and coordination of Krone equipment and installation, we can help you. Global network infrastructure support is one of the many services we offer, ensuring long-term support for any cabling project, including Krone Network training for your staff.

Our Krone Network Installers Are Proficient In Working With All Of The Following:

    • Cable management: labeling, racking and cable protection by employing the best tension and haulage methods.
    • Solutions for work areas whether it be installation of modular jacks or simple desk mounting.
    • Fibre solutions using industry standard krone connectors, patch panels and adapters, featuring Krone’s integrated radius protection to ensure safety.
    • Datacentre solutions where Wifi networks are in use as well as your global network infrastructure.

We can make recommendations for Krone distributors and have access to the latest Krone products from international and local Krone companies, saving you time and effort in acquiring what you need to stay up and running 24/7.

Why Use Krone Products?

ccording to the latest studies, 70% of network downtime is directly related to cabling faults. Proper installation of a carefully structured cable outlay is absolutely critical to ensure the ideal performance of your network infrastructure – minimizing network support costs.

Both small and large businesses choose a Krone network for the following reasons:

    • Krone is a market leader in cabling technology, trusted by some of the most state-of-the-art network operations in the world.
    • Krone products take into account the different needs of each user by providing a choice in performance levels and unrivalled variety in product specs.
    • Krone provides exceptional value for money.
    • The Krone manufacturers have an internal quality management system, as well as a quality certification backed by an industry leading warranty.

Krone sets a high standard for enhancing network capabilities. We are here to match it and help you with all installation, testing and maintenance of hardware and software systems, whilst sustaining our own high standards of service to you.

hen you outsource your I.T. support to Mouse House I.T., you also have access to our I.T. support Helpdesk  at no extra cost to you. Our IT Technicians  are ready to assist with any technical queries you may have via phone, e-mail or though our online helpdesk.

Maintain your competitive edge in your market. Make Mouse House I.T. the first company you call for Krone or any Krone-related issues. We guarantee the fast, efficient service that comes with everything we do.

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We contracted Mouse House I.T. to do a small network cabling installation for our new offices. In a world where service providers are notoriously very quick to make promises and slow to produce, in the case of Ronald, Chris and their team, this was certainly not the case.

They arrived on time for site inspection and arranged a time to start which they kept to and did a very neat job. Even when they were called out by our internal networking specialist for a suspected fault they were there as quickly as humanly possible, only to find that the problem was not on their side.

I am happy to recommend this very efficient team of people.

Graham Lindemann, Altech Card Solutions