Mouse House IT Support

IT Support Cape Town

Wherever you are in Cape Town, your business can benefit from the expertise of the MouseHouse professionals.

Computer Support

Maintain productivity and enlist in the help of MouseHouse for technical glitches and other technological problems.

Network Support

Keep your network secure, maintained and reliable with network support that allows for more stability and cost-effectiveness.

Software Support

Ensure you have the best possible tool for your business with the wide selection of programmes suited to your offerings such as Microsoft XP and Vista.

Server Support

No matter the server type, MouseHouse can ensure that it functions optimally, enabling your business to maintain productivity.

Onsite/remote support

MouseHouse utilises problem solving and identification to provide efficient and effective remote and onsite support.

Dell and HP Support

MouseHouse provides technical support and updates on a HP and Dell products.

Desktop Support

IT Desktop support, including software is a vital part of your business functions and its important that you utilise professionals to maintain the productivity of your company.

IT Support Helpdesk

Enjoy free telephonic and online IT support when employing MouseHouse as the IT professionals for your business.

IT Technician

It’s important that your IT technician understands your problem and can apply solutions to your specific business needs and IT expectations.