Computer Support in Cape Town

ith extensive experience in providing the best computer support in Cape Town to small and medium enterprises, we know the problems that affect PCs and workstations most. We also know how to help you avoid issues and make your I.T. infrastructure last longer.

Some of the most common Cape Town computer support requirements include:


Power failure

C support calls in Cape Town have increased over the past few years due to power supply failures. The most damaging problems come from power spikes or sudden power outages that damage hardware or corrupt data. Fixing these problems is rarely cheap. I.T. support from Mousehouse I.T. helps whenever such a problem affects your computers. You should also ask us about power-protection solutions that avoid power related problems.


Strange or unhealthy noises

ven the newest computers can make noises so unhealthy they promise to fail imminently. Often these noises are nothing more than a whirring fan or badly connected power supply in need of adjustment. However an unusual sound could point to something serious like an impending hard disk failure. The best thing to do when you hear an unhealthy sound is to call us for desktop computer support straight away.


Hardware failure

lthough today’s computers are better built than ever, when a component does fail it will need the attention of a technician to determine the problem and carry out repair. We have experience with most makes of PCs and servers and can often pinpoint the problem with telephonic I.T. desktop support before despatching a technician.


System Crashes and Slowdowns

robably the most common and mysterious of computer support issues is the gradual slowdown of your PCs or workstations. Such problems are caused by anything from the operating system to a virus attack, spyware or just a need for more computing resources. We stay up-to-date with the latest fixes and updates on clients’ operating systems so that operation and performance is enhanced for as long as possible. And we make sure your network is as secure as it can be so threats from viruses and computer support costs are minimised.


Inferior maintenance

elieve it or not, most PCs are designed to last for at least six or seven years. However, inferior or non-existent maintenance tends to kill them off much sooner than this, adding to the overall costs of PC support. By simply asking us to carry out routine maintenance on your computers you can enjoy better return on investment from your I.T. spend and reduce computer support requirements too.


Application software

ot only are computer applications more business critical these days, they are also more complex than ever. Add to that more frequent bug fixes and downloadable software, the danger of incompatibilities and errors increases every day. That’s why we audit and monitor your software environment and advise on how to prohibit certain software downloads so your core applications run better and more reliably.

Mousehouse I.T.’s approach of being fully aware of your needs means we can often provide I.T. support to the small /medium enterprise more quickly and cost effectively. Complete the form to ask about making your computers more effective or call us today if you have an immediate requirement for computer support in Cape Town.