Expert Server Support in Cape Town

erver support is essential for any business that has grown from individual users to a server-centric network environment. The advantages of a server run computing environment are many but can be offset by the risk of severe business interruption should your server go down.

Mouse House I.T. ensures that whatever type of server support you require in Cape Town, your business can run as smoothly as possible – while we worry about issues such as security, anti-spam, antivirus, software updates and data integrity.

Some of the most common server support services we provide in Cape Town are:

File Server Support

s it stores your business’ essential data, maintaining your file server correctly is vital. Our file server support services don’t just maximise a server’s health. We’ll advise on the most secure backups and security as well as help you run the best server operating system to manage file sharing efficiently.

Print Server Support

rint server support helps to make sure you retain a regular output capacity from the printers that run over your network. When you do encounter printing problems we act quickly to determine the source (server, network or the printer itself) and determine whether the issue is network related or requires a printer repair. Whatever the print server support problem, we’ll get you back up and running as quickly as possible with expert attention.

Network Server Support

ypically network server support provides a reliable working environment to multiple users over a network. This includes maintaining good performance and ensuring the network server remains available. As a file server often runs unnoticed for long periods, it’s important to check the health of your file server regularly to avoid unexpected failures. Mouse House I.T. is expert in all types of popular network support and network server support. So you can be sure we’re committed to keeping your network running at all times.

Windows Server Support

here are many different varieties of Windows Server. Support must therefore take into account the unique needs of your business. Mouse House I.T. provides Windows Server support for every release of Windows Server operating systems and can assist you with any Windows Server support issue you may have.

Exchange Server Support

f you have ever experienced company-wide email failure, you’ll know how important Microsoft Exchange Server support or general mail server support can be. After all, in today’s business world, you can’t afford to be without email, calendars, contact information etc. for long. We can monitor your Exchange Server and ensure any problems you experience are dealt with quickly so you remain connected to the world.

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