Printer Repairs Services Cape Town

ouse House I.T. is well able to take care of your printer.

Most corporate offices need a printer. What you don’t need is printer headaches. Printers that give printing errors or deliver poor quality printing are an unnecessary hassle in the workplace. What you need is dependable printer technicians for printer repairs!


Our printer repair services:

Mouse House I.T offers printer repairs in Cape Town that can’t be matched by large I.T. companies. We offer you a personalised service by sending our qualified technicians to your office to find the printing problem. Whether it’s a paper jam, ink jet hassles or the complete restoration of multifunction printers – we will give you the advice you need and get your printer fixed in the minimum amount of time.

When your printer needs to be taken to the supplier for repairs…

e understand that you need your printer at the office and that the employees use it on a daily basis. Besides doing our best to fix the problem at the office, we will take your printer to the suppliers for repairs and deliver it back to you if the printer requires extensive work.

Don’t get yourself conned by the many I.T. companies that claim to do huge printer repairs when they were in fact only minor printer restorations that you could have done yourself. Rest assured, Mouse House I.T will do any printer repair quickly and with integrity.

Benefits of using Mouse House I.T. for your printer repairs:

  • Have your office printer serviced or fixed professionally
  • We explain why your printer broke so that you know exactly what is going on.
  • You can call us back if you are still experiencing problems
  • We go the extra mile with all your I.T. support and printer repairs

Contact us by filling in the form on the top right hand side of the page and we will call you to help you with all your printer repair services in Cape Town!

At Regus we always strive to provide a world class service to our clients. In order to achieve this world class service, we use suppliers who can assist us in delivering this high quality professional service.

I am very happy to say that we can always rely on Ronald to be there for us and to give his utmost to resolve any problems our clients might experience. I would recommend his service to any organisation.

Rona Sauer, Regus Century City